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Smart Cities

The UN defines a smart city as a complex unit, which has the digital technology built-in in all city functions. Automation and digitization are indeed very important for urban changes - the use of so-called big data, machine to machine learning (M2M learning), use of analytics and automation fundamentally change the whole infrastructure. By using smart algorithms, that process data and immediately trigger processes, it is possible to optimize the performance, efficiency and improve the life quality of urban and municipal residents.

Modern parking systems

  • a comprehensive solution for parking
  • parking vending machines
  • occupancy overview, navigation systems for mobile phones
  • online supervision
  • application for mobile phones

Wireless technologies for transportation

  • transport priority systems
  • intelligent traffic situation management
  • information systems for public transport
  • internet systems for public transport vehicles
  • video surveillance systems
  • telemetric systems (internet of things)

Advanced Public Lighting Systems

  • cost-effective low-light lighting solution
  • smart management depending on ambient conditions
  • advanced diagnostics
  • able to carry a broad base of sensory elements transmitting over their network or wireless (mobile communication) information on current status on roads (including pedestrians)
  • can provide additive services such as parking sensors, wi-fi points, camera systems, NOx sensors, CO, etc .; sensors can be placed on lamps or directly in luminaires

Intelligent building management

  • integrated surroundings control systems - heating, cooling, safety systems, measurement and regulation
  • security systems - camera surveillance, access systems, fire protection
  • navigating visitors in large complexes
  • parking management solutions
  • Energy Efficiency Reduction of Buildings (EPC)
  • significant operating costs savings
  • quick return

Smart Cities – what can we help you with?

  • to assess your plans
  • to propose a strategy for each area
  • to find a suitable technology solution
  • to ensure integration with existing systems
  • to prepare a feasibility study
  • to assess the costs and benefits of solutions
  • to create an architecture
  • to supervise the implementation

Security solutions

  • city and corporate camera systems
  • advanced person recognition technologies for camera systems
  • implementation for urban camera systems, traffic management and other security applications
  • cyber security
  • drone jamming
  • transport safety
  • soft target protection
  • security analysis


  • personal data protection issue under the GDPR directive
  • analysis of the current state
  • proposals to change processes
  • data management
  • protection of personal data for large camera systems

ICT in Healthcare

Information and communication technologies are nowadays an integral part of the process of providing health care and the necessity for quality management of healthcare facilities, health insurance companies, as well as other bodies active in the healthcare sector.

Process optimization often leads to the introduction of new technologies, the difficulty in securing data contained in software of these technologies is related to that. Our company focuses on expert advice, consultation and assistance in reducing security risks in ICT-related processes.

Data protection

  • safety risk assessment
  • protection of personal data of the patients
  • protection of personal data of the employees
  • operational documentation

ICT use

  • assessing the effectiveness of working with data
  • process optimization suggestions
  • data flow automation
  • training and consultations



25. 10. 2018 Our representatives participated in the IROP Annual Conference "Benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems" financed by ESIF at the Technical University of Ostrava.

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Denali Advisory, a.s. implements, in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague, a project named Development of an integration platform for extraction of data from the video-analytical software, which is co-financed by the "Prague Voucher for Innovation Projects" program. The program is provided under Call no. 9 - Projects of cooperation between the research sector and the application sphere - innovative vouchers and is financed by the Operational Program Prague - the Pole of Growth of the Czech Republic.

Our Team

Jan Máj

Jan Máj

  • former Director of Siemens´ Mobility Division
  • leading specialist in road and rail traffic management systems
Petr Stiegler

Petr Stiegler

  • specialist in eGovernment and infrastructural public administration systems
  • experience from Capital City of Prague, cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
  • he was responsible for building CzechPoint and data boxes at the Czech Post
  • former adviser to the Deputy Minister of the Interior and Minister of Justice
Karel Lán

Karel Lán

  • security and security technology expert
  • years of experience with work for state security forces
  • international education from the International Defense Management field
Jan Vidrna

Jan Vidrna

  • lawyer with large experience in the field of criminal law, public procurement
  • recently focuses on the area of personal data protection (GDPR)
  • member of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities